Plasma Nitriding, Ion Nitriding

Our Plasma Nitriding and Nitro-carburising facilities are available to businesses throughout the UK. We can arrange pickup collection and delivery when complete.

Benefits of Plasma Nitriding:
  • Mechanical masking
  • Can treat Low alloy / Tool and Stainless Steels, Cast Iron, Titanium Sintered and Nickel alloys
  • Low temperature (410°C) treatments possible
  • Highly controlled process
A wide range of furnace sizes is available with the possibility of Plasma Nitriding parts up to 1.6m in diameter and 2.1m in height. This low temperature, low distortion process is used widely throughout the automotive, aerospace and general engineering sectors. 

Titanium and Nickel alloys are also Plasma Nitrided. The hard layer formed when Nitriding these materials tends to be relatively thin (<20 microns) but very hard and wear resistant. 

Plasma Nitriding is a Nadcap approved process.

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the process

Nitriding treatment takes place in a controlled gas mixture of nitrogen and hydrogen. If necessary, a carbon-donating gas can also be used. The necessary temperature is relatively low. In addition, voltage is created between the wall of the furnace and its chamber. This leads directly to the creation of an ionized atmosphere in the furnace chamber, the so-called plasma. There, the ions hit the surface of the component and generate nitrogen-rich nitrides. As soon as these disintegrate, the surface of the material is enriched with atomic nitrogen. Depending on the composition of the gas mixture, different surfaces and degrees of hardness can be created.


steels and stainless steels for Plasma Nitriding

Plasma nitriding is suitable for all ferrous materials as well as for sintered steels, cast iron and high-alloy tool steels. This method is used especially when components are to contain Nitrided and hardened areas as well as soft areas. Please note: If the process is carried out on stainless steels at particularly low temperatures, the corrosion protection does not change.

Plasma technology is essential for stainless steel and other low alloy steels which are not suitable for a “standard” surface treatment process. The process uses a Plasma discharge of Hydrogen and Nitrogen gases both to heat the steel surfaces and to supply nitrogen ions for nitriding. Plasma nitriding is an established and successful process and is important for precision machined parts. The heat treatment process is used to improve wear-resistance, surface hardness and material fatigue.

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